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Student leadership

Student Council

Two students from each class/year, Year 3-6, form our student council. Together they formulate ideas to improve our school.

Students in Years 3-6 are able to nominate to represent their class on the Student Council which organises events and contributes to school decision making.

School leaders

In February, our Year 6 student leader candidates deliver election speeches to their peers, teachers and parents. Through their speeches, our students demonstrate not only their maturity and confidence in public speaking but also express their dedication and commitment to our school.   Students in Year 6 elect their student leaders through a democratic voting process.

Our Year 6 student leaders also attend the National Young Leaders day at Southbank in March.

Although we have a set number of leadership positions to which our students aspire, each one of our students will have an opportunity to develop their leadership skills as well as opportunities to demonstrate their leadership skills throughout their years at Marshall Road State School.

All Year 6 students also have an opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills with their buddy classes as part of the peer-support program.


School leaders for 2017

School Captains

Year 6 - Campbell K and Caddie B

School Vice Captains

Year 6 - Murphy J and Abbie B

House Captains

Gibson Captains - Year 6 - Hermione D and Ebony K

Holland Captains - Year 6 - Finn D and Georja F                

Toohey Captains - Year 6 - Declan W and Hannah E                 

Music Captains

Year 6 -  Matthew R and Angus B

Sustainability Captains

Year 6  - Mai C and Charlotte A

Student Councillors

Year 34AK    -  
Year 3KK      -  
Year 3LW     -  
Year 4 S       -  
Year 4M       -   
Year 5R       -   
Year 5HN     -   
Year 56KS    -   
Year 6M       -    
Year 6WO     -