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Maps and transport


See the school catchment map for a map of the local area showing the school’s catchment.

Drop-off and pick-up zone

The safety of our children is of paramount importance and all members of the school community are urged to give us their full cooperation.

The main pick-up and set-down area is at the Kurts Street entrance. To reduce traffic congestion before and after school, the following points need to be kept in mind by drivers:

  • There is a one minute limit to allow students to be collected or dropped off.  Do not park in the pick-up and set down area and leave your vehicle as this impedes the flow of traffic.

  • If your child is not waiting in the collection zone when you arrive, please follow the traffic  around the roundabout until they appear.

  • There is space for 3 cars at the pick-up area.

  • There is an 8 km per hour speed limit.

  • Drive close to the buildings for children to board or alight from cars - they should not cross the roadway in front of oncoming traffic.

  • Attempt to stagger pick-up and set-down times to alleviate the congestion at 3 pm.

Walking to school

Children are encouraged to walk to school because of the exercise value and the effect on reducing vehicular traffic in and around the school. However, children should not walk to school alone because of the threats to their personal safety.  Parents are asked to reinforce safety procedures, particularly in regards to crossing the road.

Care needs to be taken when accessing the school grounds from the many streets which adjoin the school. Vehicle traffic in these streets needs to be very mindful of students who are using them before and after school.

School-Crossing Supervisor

A School-crossing supervisor manages the Sterculia Avenue crossing from 8.00 am – 8.45 am, and 2.50 pm -3.20 pm. Parents are encouraged to set an example by using this crossing when accompanying children to school.

Bike rack

A bicycle rack is provided behind B Block. 

Public transport

Marshall Road State School is a short walk from Holland Park West busway station. Some parents take the opportunity to drop their children at school before catching an express bus into the city.