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Subjects and programs

Our school has implemented the Australian Curriculum in english, mathematics, science, history and geography.   We use the Curriculum into the Classroom (C2C) units that have been developed by Education Queensland.  Other curriculum areas such as health and physical education, the arts and some strands of study of society and the environment are based on the Queensland Essential Learnings and the Early Years Curriculum Guidelines. 

In addition, our school also offers the following:

  • a Science Fair alternating yearly with an Arts Festival 

  • environmental studies using the school permaculture area

  • an intervention programme for Years 1 - 6

  • an extension programme in literacy and numeracy

  • an extension program for all classes in visual arts

  • Languages Other Than English (LOTE). Students in Years 5 and 6 have specialist Japanese lessons each week.

Classroom music

All students receive a music lesson each week. The class music program is a developmental, sequential, aural-based program as per the Arts syllabus (QSA).  During this lessson students sing, play instruments, and practise reading music notation.

In addition to the class music program, a range of extra-curricular choral and instrumental music programs are available.

Computers and technology

Information technology is a learning tool that all teachers use as part of the curriculum program.  All classes can access the computer lab which has twenty-eight computers.  The computer lab is also open at lunch time for student access, but only if supervision is sought.  In addition, we have thirty iPads which are to be used in the Prep-Year 2 classes.

In 2014, a one-to-one laptop/tablet program was introduced for a class of Year 4 students which extended over three years allowing students to have 24 hour access to digital resources. We now boast a Year 6 Ipad Class, two year 5 iPad device classes and two Year 4 classes.


Visual Arts is one of the subjects of the Arts Curriculum and includes the fields of art, craft and design.

At Marshall Road State School, Prep to Year 6 students attend Visual Arts lessons.

During these art lessons, students are given the opportunity to experience forms such as painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture, using a variety of styles and inspired by art movements such as Realism, Impressionism, Cubism and Abstract Expressionism. Students learn to use and analyse the design elements of line, shape, colour, value, form, texture and space, as well as the design principles of balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm and unity.

The Marshall Road State School community is very supportive of the Arts. Student artwork is displayed in the classrooms, the office foyer, the Resource Centre and the Performing Arts Centre and our biennial Arts Festival. Artwork is also entered into local competitions such as the Mt Gravatt Show and our students always perform well.

Health, physical education and swimming

Each class has a lesson each week with the specialist Health and Physical Education (HPE) teacher.  Lessons cover physical activity, personal development and health.  Physical activities may include swimming, track and field, fitness, games and dance.

Swimming classes are held for all year levels (except Prep who only swim in Term 4)in term 1 and term 4 in the school's  swimming pool.  All students will be required to wear a bathing cap and sun shirt and girls require a one-piece swimming suit. Bathing caps can be purchased at the uniform shop. 

Swimming is part of the physical education program and students will be excluded only if a doctor's certificate is presented or as a result of a parent interview with the Principal.  Term 4 2018 Swimming Permission Note (PDF, 81KB)

The P&C operate a swim club which also offers additional after-school learn to swim and stroke correction classes as well as  squad training.

Religious instruction

Queensland state schools embrace a multitude of cultural, religious and non-religious beliefs.  Under the Education (General Provisions Act 2006), schools are to provide RI each week if approached by a faith group seeking to provide RI and students of that faith attend the school. 

RI informs students about the beliefs and values of a particular religion.  It is delivered by volunteers of a faith group using instructional materials approved by that faith group.  All RI instructors must hold a blue card and participate in compulsory student protection and code of conduct training.  RI instructors are only entitled to deliver the RI program outlined below.  A school staff member will be present during the delivery of RI.

Participation in RI is not compulsory.  Any student (except Prep students) may participate in RI if a parent has given consent and indicated a religion on the Application for Student Enrolment Form or in other written advice to the principal.  A parent, regardless of their own faith (if any), may choose to give consent for their child to participate in one of the RI programs listed below.

Any child not participating in RI, or whose nominated religion is not represented within the RI program/s at the school, will receive other instruction by a qualified member of school staff in a separate location during the time RI is held.  Other instgruction will relate to subject areas that have already been covered in class.

At any time, parents may provide written instruction to the principal to change their preference for their child to participate in or be withdrawn from RI.  If a parent does not update their consent, their previous written instructionsf to the school will continue to apply.

The faith group/s that provide religious instructors to deliver the Connect Program B1 at our school is/are listed below:

Grace Bible Church, Uniting Church, Baptist Church and Presbyterian Church

Workbooks used by the Religious Instructors will be available at the office for your perusal.